Swallowtail Skin Therapies

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Swallowtail Skin Therapies: Transforming your skin from your heart

Have you ever cried until your eyes are red and swollen?  Have you ever laughed so much your cheeks hurt? Have you ever spent hours looking at a computer and then see white lines on your forehead? Did you know that these activities are directly related to your emotional well- being?  Yes, of course,clearly crying and laughing are emotional releases. And did you know that your emotions impact your organs? One more, did you know this impact appears as blemishes, blackheads, dark circles and fine lines? 

Yes,it's true. If you have recurring breakouts or early signs of aging, the solution is deeper than an occasional facial. Yes, receiving regular facials offers ongoing support for everyone. At Swallowtail Skin Therapies, I go deeper. I offer a healing touch facial, energy clearing and a metaphysical approach to your overall well- being. Hi, I am Elizabeth Contreras. I am a Holistic Esthetician, an Intuitive, Reiki and Ho'oponopono Practioner, offering Chakra Balancing and Essential Oils for emotional guidance. Every service is infused with essential oils and a healing touch. You will experience a new peace, a renewed sense of self and refreshed body and mind. AND you will be given tools that will meet your emotional and skin care goals. 

Come in today for Healing Touch Facial or Energy Service.