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Elizabeth Contreras

I felt my beauty for the first time when I was 42 years old.

I heard many mixed messages and I had not seen myself as beautiful or even pretty until I was nearly middle aged. As a child and adolsecent I heard, "You have such a pretty face, if you just lost weight." I felt so inadequate as a result of this half-hearted compliment. 
When I began practicing the Ho'oponopono Meditation, these memories and others began to clear. I felt less pain. And I began to experience deep gratitude, empowering self-love, and self-forgiveness. These memories and phrases faded. And I remember the moment I said to myself 
"I am beautiful". I wasn't looking in a mirror. I simply felt it and knew it to be true. I am beautiful.

Within a few months I pursued my Esthetics License. 

Over the past 4 years I have created a space where women and men, teens and seniors feel their beauty. I offer reflective moments using the Ho'oponopono Meditation and Metaphysical Face Reading within the facial experience. I use only natural and organic products and essential oils in my services.  This combination deepens the healing process. Clients free themselves from memories that created limiting beliefs about their self-identity. We then create new patterns for a mindset that moves them toward their ultimate goals. I give my clients more than a facial. I create an experience that expands your life. 

License #Z111765 Elizabeth Contreras