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Here is what clients say about their experience

What an awesome experience. I just so happened to call and there was an opening. I'm feeling so relaxed and my face feels refreshed. I'm so worth pampering myself. Thank you, Swallowtail!

June 2017                                                                                    -Sandy Brown, Brea, CA
This was the first facial I've ever had, and I'm 36 years old. Elizabeth was so amazing. She made me feel comfortable and customized my facial to what I needed. At the end, I felt like a noodle and was amazed that a facial could make me so relaxed. I also have a gluten and soy allergy which makes my skin react (the main reason I stay away from facials), she used products and essential oils that made my skin glow rather than red. I would recommend her to anyone with skin sensitivity and for those who don't  I can't wait to go back!
 May 2017                                                                                    - Dr. Saira Zimmerman, DC
Facials with Elizabeth are incredible! She really goes above and beyond to pamper you with her techniques and natural oils. She is a wealth of knowledge and really helped me understand how to tell what is causing my stress and even offered some advice to help me accomplish my current goals! I felt relaxed, pampered, understood and supported in a friendly, caring, nonjudgmental way. Thanks Elizabeth!

May 2017                                                                              - Linsey Fornaca, Chino Hills, CA
I had the BEST facial experience I've ever had when I booked with Elizabeth. She is so intuitive and understands what is best for each individual's skincare needs. My pregnancy acne cleared up after my session and I felt so cared for and totally relaxed. The neck and arm massage were icing on the cake! I loved my experience so much I booked an appointment for my mom for her birthday and she loved her experience too. I really appreciated that Elizabeth uses essential oils and natural, sensitive skin products. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for more than just a standard facial experience!

April 2017                                                                                - Lisa Pirinelli, Brea, CA

I came in and got a beard conditioning treatment from Elizabeth Contreras because it was recommended to me. I got an appointment just before heading to Vegas because I figured I needed to be as ready as possible for the trip. I have to say I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience. My beard felt amazing for about a week straight and my skin was so clean feeling. I definitely felt ready for a great weekend and headed out so relaxed. It was amazing, definitely a must for the guys out there especially if you're feeling stressed and need to relax and get a soft beard for the Mrs!

  July 2016                                                                          - Jonathan Smith Laguna Hills, CA

I had a facial from Elizabeth C.and I loved it. Her nurturing holistic approach is like no other. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. My face was refreshed and super smooth. She also has a great line of organic and natural face products for purchase. I am hooked.

September 2016                                                                                      - Krista Ellis, Brea, CA
I went to #Elizabeth Contreras for a facial and was more than pleased with the result. She educated me on the process, her metaphysical gifts, skin care, what she was doing and why. The environment was welcoming and warm, her voice, demeanor and experience was extremely soothing and despite having a 6 hour workshop to attend immediately after, my skin (and self) was calm and collected. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, why wouldn't we take the best care of it?

September 2016                                                                   - Cristina Saunders, Boulder,CO
I went to Elizabeth Contreras for a Chakra Therapy session and was blown away by the effectiveness of the service.  Prior to my service, I didn't even know what a chakra was and didn't know what to expect. We spent an hour talking through the chakras, clearing out thoughts and emotions I had been suppressing and not acknowledging their importance.
Her ability to create a safe space to open up and talk about personal subjects was amazing. She took notes based on which chakras were blocked, then she started the aromatherapy treatment. She massaged an oil on each section of my back for each of the chakras while reading aloud an affirmation that I repeated in my head. I left feeling so refreshed, it felt as if I had met parts of myself for the first time. I highly recommend this service and Elizabeth to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and gain clarity in purpose and mindset.

June 2016                                                                                    - Deneen Wolf, Long Beach CA
Elizabeth Contreras gave me a phenomenal facial! She imbues her services with so much love and positive energy that it was a transformative experience.  I highly recommend Elizabeth for facials.  She goes beyond healthy skin and actually creates a rejuvenating, joyful respite from the hustle and bustle of life.  I now plan to go once a month - and I'm not someone who gets facials on a regular basis.  But I can totally see the value of this service with Elizabeth.

June 2016                                                                                    - Marguerite Endres, Irvine, CA
Elizabeth's Anti-Aging facials have helped my face look younger. I like that the products she uses are holistic and the facial and arm massage she gives feel so nice. You can tell she really loves what she does by the extra care she gives every time. I also love the Apriori products she recommended for every day use.

April 2015                                                                                  - Carol Tirado, Costa Mesa, CA

Elizabeth ...Thank you for the facial. I'm so relaxed and my skin feels great.

December  2014                                                                      - Nidia Moran Orange County, CA

My daughter treated me to a facial for Christmas. It was amazing!! I would totally recommend treating pampering yourself:). I'm now going to treat my daughter!

December 2014                                                             - Patrician Simpson, Orange County, CA