Swallowtail Skin Therapies

                                                                         Holistic Skin Care

Learn the ancient healing practice from Hawaii that can change your life!
In this class you will discover the history and uses of Ho'Oponopono, lead by certified instructor Elizabeth Contreras, and how it can benefit your life.

The session will include instruction and practice that will benefit the three levels that are the basis of Ho'Oponopono: the self, community and the world.

Come, be in community, and learn something new or deepen your connection to what you already have in your sacred toolkit!
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SUNDAY July 28th
2-4pm $50
**call for early bird pricing of $45 by July 20th!

1380 E Walnut St, Pasadena, California 91106
Metaphysical Skin Therapy --- Web Series 

 **Did you know that toxic energy lingers in your body and creates blackheads, fine lines and blemishes? ** **Would you like to slow the aging process by releasing judgements?** As a Holistic Esthetician I solve skin conditions by connecting the mind, body and spirit. Along with natural products in a facial I combine, Metaphysics, Essential Oils and Chakra Balancing to uncover and resolve the root causes for breakouts and early signs of aging. It is these modalities I will be discussing during Metaphysical Skin Therapy Course. 

 Join me for in-depth discussions about the impact imbalanced chakras and unresolved limiting beliefs have on your skin. These 8 videos will focus on the skin through the eyes of Chakras, interpret blemishes with Metaphysics and resolve root causes with meditation and essential oils. Watch one video or watch them all. 

Comment and have your questions answered. 
 Week 1: Crown Chakra and Bladder 
Week 2: Third Eye and Small Intestines 
Week 3: Throat Chakra- Thyroid and Sagging Skin 
Week 4: Heart Chakra and Lungs 
Week 5: Solar Plexus -Liver and Stomach 
Week 6: Sacral Chakra- Reproductive Organs 
Week 7: Root Chakra- Kidneys and Intestines 

 Members are encouraged to comment and share the videos. 
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This series has been postponed. 
Face It: Essential Oils and Skin Care 

Thursday June 1,2017  6pm- 7:30pm

Let's just FACE it! Your face expressions more than your thoughts and emotions. It also expresses organ trauma and blockages. Do you want to know the secrets to slowing the aging process? Do you want to stop reoccurring breakouts? Find out which essential oils are best for your skin condition. I use Chinese Face Mapping along with Metaphysics and essential oils to meet these needs. 
Come and see what your face is really saying!

Emotions and Oils
Saturday June 3, 2017 3:00pm-5:00pm  

Essential Oils have an emotional quality to them as well. Ever wonder why you feel calm when you smell Lavender or get more energy around citrus scents? Essential oils facilitates the body's innate ability to heal itself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Join us for a look at which essential oils will move you toward the life you want to create.

We will be using Emotions and Essentials Oils book published by Aromatools. I have an older version and copies for sale $15 each.

Or you can purchase the latest edition through Aromatools.

 AromaTouch Happy Hour!
Tuesday June 6, 2017 4:00pm-7:00pm

Receive a relaxing and rejuvenating Hand Treatment with doTerra Essential Oils. 

Each session is 30 mins. Please sign up for your time slot. We will have a brief explanation of the specific oils used followed a demonstration. 

Love Your Skin Story

By Elizabeth Contreras

Licensed Holistic Esthetician


Everyone knows that all of our experiences have created our character, our love relationships and have shaped us professionally. Then why do we expect our skin to reflect something different? The dark circles under your eyes are not simply a sign of aging that we cover with concealer, rather these circles are a sign of motherhood, sleepless nights up with a sick child. And the freckles on your nose and forehead are memories of your childhood summers spent at the beach playing and laughing for hours. And we all have something that makes us laugh… and we laugh a lot… We may have fine lines… uneven skin tone and a sag here and there… All of which has a story.

As a Licensed Esthetician I see women of all ages and all skin conditions wanting to be beautiful but are stuck on a vision other than their mirror. We will age. And I can treat most skin concerns. I invite you to experience a love story between you and your skin. I invite you to embrace your beauty.

We will explore which memories have the most impact on your skin.  I will give you tools to replenish and revitalize your skin. And you will leave loving your skin story. 

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